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How to lead millionaires

dollar_rain_200Having more money than we could ever imagine is a dream far from the reality of most Scouters. Indeed, most of us give up a lot – not only our time, but our money and other resources – because we truly care about the Scouting program and our young people and want them to have the opportunity to enjoy success, as only Scouting can give it.

Clearly, we Scouters are not doing this for financial reward. But what if we were all comfortably well-off? What if we were in the position to be able to pay anyone their price to do the things we want done? Would we still devote our time to an activity that pays nothing in return? Continue reading

Committee chair timeline: Every month

calendar_icons_200If you’ve been reading for a while, you’ve picked up on our monthly summary of things the committee chair needs to give attention to for the following month. We finished up the year last month with the March version, so we’ll take one last look at the committee chair’s job with our list of details that need to be looked at each month. Continue reading

How to be a better Scouter

team_unity_200It goes without saying that every Scouter is in on the mission of Scouting to provide and support an excellent program for our boys. We’re looking for ways to better relate to the Scouts and our fellow Scouters. In what’s known as the 80/20 rule, in general 80 percent of the results comes from 20 percent of the effort in just about any undertaking.

In a recent Fast Company blog post Six Painless Ways to Become a Better Boss, developer and CEO Brendon Schenecker explains several relatively simple steps one can take to improve their relationship with the people they oversee and support. Continue reading

Committee chair timeline: March

march_200March is nearly here, and with it longer days and the urge to get outside. But before we lace up our hiking boots, let’s talk about some of the business items the committee needs to tend to this month.

Your primary happening this month will be welcoming the Webelos Scouts who are headed your way. Cub Scout packs are having their crossover ceremonies, and hopefully the bridge leads to your troop. If you’ve been doing your homework, you have had many prospective Scouts and their parents come and check out your troop at a troop meeting, court of honor or an outdoor event. Be prepared to welcome these new Scouts to your troop! Make sure your committee members who have a role in welcoming new members know their part in the process. Continue reading

Scouting’s triangles

District-Key-3-PatchA triangle is the simplest two-dimensional figure and is one of the strongest in nature. The world is made of triangles, from honeycombs to bridge trusses. Three is a magic number in many ways beyond the familiar Bob Dorough song popularized in the TV series Schoolhouse Rock, including within the Scouting movement.

This past week, Bryan Wendell, Scouting Magazine’s editor, posted on his blog an item about the Scouting triangle from Scouter Michael Dulle, likening it to the triangle of fire. In the triangle of fire, you need to have fuel, oxygen and ignition. If any one of these is missing, you can’t have a fire. His Scouting triangle consists of youth, program and trained adults. Same thing – if a side goes missing, the movement falls apart.

This is just one of the triangles in Scouting, though. There are many more situations where three is the magic number that keeps us moving Continue reading