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Troop meeting goals and objectives

In a recent discussion with our troop Scoutmasters, I found myself using the term “goals and objectives”. Instantly I was reminded of those management concepts that were to revolutionize the corporate world. Continue reading

Adults and the PLC, revisited

Earlier I posted my opinion that the PLC is for the boys and that the only adult who attends is the Scoutmaster, and not members of the troop committee or parents.

Recently, a post to the Scouting Magazine blog touched on this topic, where one of the parents (who also happened to be the Committee Chair) stated that the Scoutmaster told her she was not welcome at the PLC meeting, and she felt this was in violation of the “no secret meetings” policy of the BSA. Continue reading

Quality Unit: What’s in it for them?

By now, every unit should have filed its annual Centennial Quality Unit report for 2009 and forecast for 2010.  In 2007, when the CQU program replaced the old Quality Unit, the due dates were changed from being coincidental with the charter renewal.  The report may be submitted beginning October 31 but is due by December 31. Continue reading

Adult involvement, part 2

While we’re on the subject, let’s think about the adult role at the patrol leaders’ council meetings.

Simply put, adults have no role, because the PLC is composed of the youth leaders of the troop, and the PLC meeting is their meeting — not the adults’ meeting! Continue in Chapter 3 of the Scoutmaster Handbook, which states that “the Senior Patrol Leader chairs the Patrol Leaders’ Council meetings.” Continue reading